Latrun 2014 HHCoalition Event

HHCoalition Latrun 2014: “Tribute to the Founders of the State of Israel” • Executive production: March of the Living & Helping Hand Coalition • Location: Amphitheatre Latrun (Israel) Date: 08.05.2014 • 7,000 participants



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Our Needs: Individual donations in the shortest possible time. Estimated value per one pack for one soldier: $50.00 (ca. 170 NIS)

Supplies: Hygienic products: deodorant, travel-sized shampoo & body wash, toothbrushes & toothpaste, shaving products, wet wipes • Essential Clothing: army socks, underwear, undershirts, sunglasses • Entertainment: crossword puzzles & sudoku, cards • Snacks: protein bars, energy drinks, cookies, chewing gum • Personal tools: lettermans, headlamps, other personally requested items.

Funds management: goods delivery, and full accountability of the project progress will be provided to the Sponsors by the Project Committee members of Helping Hand Coalition, Adonai Roi, and IDF.

Contact person: Maggie +972.54.2171017 • Rita 052.6739704 •

10357129_540538062724639_4364698650303688672_n israeli-troops-sleep-in-an-armored-personnel-carrier-apc-during-a-military-operation-in-the-northern-gaza-strip-july-7-2006Tensions Remain High At Israeli Gaza Border

Letter from Helping Hand Coalition

Dear Friends,

This week, crisis has struck Israel. As the escalation continues, the Israeli military entered Gaza for a ground operation. 40,000 reservists have been recruited to duty and called to arms – including my first-born son, Luke. Our soldiers are sleeping in tanks and armored cars inside and around Gaza, in the hot sun, with bare minimum necessities for many more days to come. During such time, Helping Hand Coalition is embarking on a project, partnering with local organizations and IDF to bring care packages to those on the front line. Requests are being made by soldiers.

Please join us on this urgent and unexpected need for action to support soldiers by sending funds for food and goods. We want to support as many soldiers as we can. We want to tell them, that they have friends in the world who care about them.

Helping Hand Coalition and Gods Grace provided already support to hundreds of combat soldiers. We need support of each and every one of you to deliver blessing more soldiers. May the Lord bless you for your investments and support of Israel!

Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman
Helping Hand Coalition

Financial Report








Distribution to IDF



Reuven Rivlin sworn in as President of Israel

History: Rouven Livni -new elected President of Israel, hosting 1st Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum in Knesset (22.11.20121).



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